Welcome to Orden

Thirty-seven years ago Good King Arryn fell to the Warlord Corvix and Oseros, the Master Blade was shattered. The Kingdom of Brython lay broken with the Crown Lands cleaving to the Lex Regulium ‘The laws of the King’ set down by the Shield Throne and the Corvix States those domains that follow Corvix now a self-declared Saint.

Wizards are all but outlawed in the Corvix States declared dangers to the world at large the Council of Swords hunts those with the Gift for Wizardry to either hobble them or put them down.

The Church of Aethon is strangely quiet on the treatment of wizards but the Crown Lands lead by the Barony of Mecklen open their doors to the beleaguered arcanists.

The Elven Courts have all but left the land leaving but a few remaining Elven Princes with holdings in the world of man. The Dwarven Strongholds stand against Corvix but they are hard pressed by the would be Saint. While the Ceplican Wastes an ever present danger looms.

Welcome the Chronicles of Orden

The Chronicles

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