Flora, Fauna and Topography

Nargul Gum

A rubbery and fibrous weed root that is chewed over a span of hours to elicit an extremely bitter taste. The one who chews Nargul gum has a – 1 Modifier to all Saves till the next Long Rest- this is due to the horrible nastiness that a body would normally vomit out. However, the one who chews this crap gets a one-time Advantage to the next Save Vs. any spell. Gaining the habit of chewing Nargul gum will, over a period of years, permanently stain the corners of the mouth a deep shade of purple.

Nargul gum is naturally found in swampy areas and has been known to be harvested and processed by the Trade Houses Etoll, Baffkedai and Qwuem each under their own brand name. Although the selling of Nargul gum only gains the Houses a slight profit, the addictive nature of this weed root ensures a steady consumer base.

Titanias’s Blessing

(A.K.A. Glowshrooms) This is the fungus growing on cavern walls that give a dim illumination. That way the Adventurers without Darkvision can still see the horrible cave creatures the DM has lined up for them. Titania, the Fay Queen of the Seliee court was the one who made them so her friends could explore huge cavern systems and not have to worry about burning themselves with torches. Often her friends were really drunk.

They resemble clusters of puff balls that grow to about the size of a man’s fist. The bigger they get, the more glow-ie they become. A Titania’s Blessing will never cast more light than a dim radius of 20 feet. Often the coloration is in correspondence to a mix of ambient temperature and moisture in the air. The Fay Queen’s favorite color is Deep Purple.

Plague of Zuggtmy

The Abyssal Lord of the infinite layer of mold, spores and fungi was pissed that some uppity Queen of dancing and hugging would have the temerity to populate the Underdark with things that Help mortals. So she (the Demon Lord) crafted a spore and sent it to Orden. It infected some Glowshrooms and turned them into deadly hazards.

When anything as big as a walking Raccoon comes within 10 Feet of this, it sets off it’s explosive dart that flies toward the offensive mortal and if it hits, inflicts them with poison. They are indistinguishable from Glowshrooms and they only activate when something comes within 10 Feet.

Blindsight=10 Feet
Attacks per clump= 1d4
Attack Mod= + 4
Range= 40 / 80
Piercing= 1 damage
CON Save DC= 14 or Poison= 2d6 Damage

Flora, Fauna and Topography

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